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Cars, Bikes, Pedestrians, and more
OpenDataCam can detect Cars, Trucks, Busses, Bikes, Motorcycles, Pedestrians and many more common objects out of the box! In many cases, allowing you to get started without the need to train your own model. But if you like to customize the model, you can do that too!
Image of different object types such as cars, trams and donuts
Fine grained Counters

OpenDataCam lets you set multiple counters, to give you fine grained insights into what's happening. Each counter give you the time, type and direction when it gets triggered. When an object crosses multiple counters (e.g. when a car takes a turn at an intersection), OpenDataCam lets you track that too!

All of those can be configured from an easy to use User Interface.

OpenDataCam UI with counter line visible.
Trajectory Analysis

OpenDataCam lets you also understand how objects move by looking at their trajectories.

This allows you for example to study how Pedestrians cross a public square or how cars are crossing lanes.

Trajectories of cars on a busy street
Real-time or pre-recorded

OpenDataCam supports running from various video sources such as USB-Cameras, IP-Cameras, RTSP-Streams, YouTube Live-Streams etc.

If you already have pre-recorded video captures, you can import those into OpenDataCam, and analyze the video this way.

OpenDataCam with USB Camera plugged in
Edge Devices and Data Centers

OpenDataCam runs on a large variety of platforms, from small edge devices like NVIDIA Jetson Nano to large data centers. All you need is a GPU and CUDA.

Running OpenDataCam on an Edge Device
You own the data

OpenDataCam by default runs in stand alone mode, so you stay in full control of the edata you collect.

No data leaves the device. Everything is stored on a database running inside OpenDataCam and can be downloaded by you at any time, via the Web Interface or API.

Easy to use API

OpenDataCam offers an easy to use REST API, allowing you to fully manage the camera and data collected by OpenDataCam.

Take a look at our API.

OpenDataCam Hardware and API

1, 2, 3, Go!

Start counting with OpenDataCam today!

Or reach out to us for more information!

Valentin Sawadski
Project Lead
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