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Use Cases

As a versatile, unobstrusive, easy to install and privacy preserving tool, OpenDataCam can be used in many different szenarios, where traditional counting methods don't work well.

Here are some examples to show some of the most common use cases that people use OpenDataCam for, and a few other use cases that may give you some inspiration on what else you can do wit OpenDataCam

Public Squares

Many cities are looking at their public squares, pedestrian zones and parks to make them more green and inviting and in return improve the quality of living and economic value of the area.

OpenDataCam gives you insights into how many people visit the square, where and how long they stay and capture their paths so you can base the redesign on actual usage data and measure their positive effects after the redesign.

Image of different object types such as cars, trams and donuts
Photo Credit: Dguendel
Bike Infrastucture & Micromobility

Wholistic approaches to urban mobility include bike and micromobility since for many cities going by bike, scooter, etc. is not only more environmentally friendly than cars, it's often also faster. As cities are building the necessary cycling infrastucture, they are often lacking the necessary data to determine where to best build new infrastucture.

OpenDataCam can measure multi-modal traffic volumes, before and after construction, and fill this gap, ensuring the right decisions have been made.

OpenDataCam UI with counter line visible.

Improving intersections requires data on traffic volumes, turn counts etc. to ensure optimal design and traffic light controls. However, often the data used for planning is based on short measurements of a few hours, multiplied by some heuristic factors, leaving much room for error.

OpenDataCam, allows to measure the necessary data in real-time for days or weeks, taking out the heuristic inaccuracies and leaving you with 100% accurate data for your planning.

Trajectories of cars on a busy street
and so much more

As open source software, OpenDataCam can be customized by anyone for anything.

For example, you can teach OpenDataCam to detect litter such as cigarette butts, attach it to a bicycle and create a "litter map" of your city!

Litter detected from a bicycle

OpenDataCam in the Wild

Here are selected cases are here to show you what you can do with OpenDataCam. Apart from that we also think OpenDataCam would be great to use in spaces like shops, train, stations, drones...
If you are using OpenDataCam, let us know and get added to the list!
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Research Project with HTW & Technologiestiftung

In coordination with the Berlin traffic administration and advising planners, we'd like to explore how the OpenDataCam performs in real-world settings. We'll take a closer look on accuracy and test scenarios and data evaluation.

Image alt text

Privacy-centred data-driven innovation in the smart city. Exemplary use case of traffic counting

This paper, shows the use case of traffic counting as an example to illustrate how the use of advanced technologies and integrated planning strategies can shift the balance between administrative and business interests on the one hand, and privacy concerns on the other, towards a privacy-centric approach. They demonstrate a privacy-centric participatory development process that led to a prototypical technical solution using OpenDataCam for privacy-friendly and human-centric traffic counting.

Image alt text

Logistics NRW Dashboard

The “Crowd Solving” project has implemented a Logistics Dashboard including various webcam locations where OpenDataCam is supposed to be implemented to create traffic data around the Neuss Harbour area.

Image alt text

Umsetzungsprojekt mit Stadt Hennef: Verkehrserfassung

In der praktischen Anwendung können so zum Beispiel vorbeilaufende Personen (bspw. im Einzelhandel) erfasst oder Fahrzeuge (bspw. zur Steuerung logistischer Prozesse) in einem bestimmten Bereich gezählt werden. Diese Daten könnten dann wiederum genutzt werden, um Prozesse anzustoßen, wie etwa die Anpassung von Reinigungsintervallen an tatsächliche Besucherzahlen oder der Versand automatischer Benachrichtigungen bei Ankunft oder Abfahrt eines Lieferfahrzeuges.

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Valentin Sawadski
Project Lead
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