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OpenDataCam For Professionals

While OpenDataCam is free for everyone to use, we do offer improvements and services around OpenDataCam, specifically tailored for professionals and businesses

For Domain Experts

Traffic Engineers, City Planners, Retail Store Managers and other domain experts

Get started with OpenDataCam quicker with "OpenDataCam as a Service"

  • connect existing traffic cameras to the OpenDataCam Cloud
  • upload and analyze existing video footage quicker by using OpenDataCam Cloud
  • buy or rent hardware with OpenDataCam pre-installed

For Developers

Software Developers, Electrical Engineers, Product Managers, AI Experts and others

Kickstart your product development by using OpenDataCam as your base. Get all the features of OpenDataCam out the box and focus on adding your unique value add for better products and faster time to markets. To be even faster, hire the experienced OpenDataCam team to support your in-house engineering.

1, 2, 3, Go!

Start counting with OpenDataCam today!

Or reach out to us for more information!

Valentin Sawadski
Project Lead
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